Easy Kids Crafts For Busy Moms

Moms have it tough. They take care of the family and the home on a full-time basis. Moms take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner, drive kids to and fro school, make sure clothes are laundered and are even in charge of cleaning the house. These are just some of the jobs of a busy mom. When it comes to their kids, moms want what’s best for them. This includes getting them involved in arts and crafts to help their kids explore their creative side. Here are some easy kids crafts for busy moms.

Edible Apple Necklace

This doubles as a healthy snack and creative craft. This craft is flexible so if you kid does not like apple, substitute with a fruit that they like. Older kids can use a big needle like those used in tapestries while younger kids can us skewers. Moms need to pre-cut the apples into bit sized segments for easy threading and eating. Thread the string through the skewer or needle and poke the apples through the needle and string. Once you’re satisfied with the number of apples, remove the string and tie the threads together. Wear as necklace and eat as snack.

Silver Foil Crown

This is a fun way to get your child to decorate and use his imagination. You will need a piece of cardboard at least 10 cm long, some aluminum foil, stapler, glue and some decorations (glitter, sequins, buttons, fake jewelry, beads, stickers, etc). Start by gluing the aluminum foil to the cardboard. Measure your kid’s head with a measuring tape to make sure that the crown fits him. Cut off one side of the cardboard into triangles to resemble teeth. Cut off the excess and start decorating.

Yogurt Flower Pots

Decorate your modern home’s garden with flowers and this homemade yogurt flower pot. It is also a great way to recycle those discarded yogurt containers. All you need are the washed yogurt containers, colored straws and some paint. Using scissors cut the container from its opening to its base. Do this 4 to 5 times until the cup looks like a flower. Punch a hole through the center of the cup to make way for the straw. This will serve as the flowers’ stem. Finally paint your flower with different bright colors.

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Egg Carton Treasure Box

Get your kids recycling and ignite their imagination when you make an egg carton treasure box together. All this craft needs is a discarded egg carton and some paint and decorations. Simply paint and pimp your egg carton to the desired colors. Once dry you can use the carton to store chocolates, candies and other “treasures” your kids love.

Our kids need a lot of love and attention just like our houses do. By doing these crafts you are not only showering love and attention to your children but to your homes as well. You can use these crafts to decorate your garden or kitchen of your modern home be it in Tampa, Houston or Scottsdale.


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Handmade Gifts for Him – Including One for His Luxury Car

For those who prefer to give personalized gifts made from the heart, coming up with ideas for hubby, dad or even your favorite nephew is not as easy as you think. What is easy is bringing it to life once the idea is brought to light. To take the pressure off, we are sharing some of our best homemade gift ideas for men.

A Personalized Day Planner – All you need is a soft covered day planner, fabric or leather in their favorite color, and some accents to make it personal. Now grab your glue gun and get to work at adding their name, favorite sports team logo, or even a picture of their loving wife.

A Personalized Car Kit – Start in the same way as the day planner, except use a large bag with many pockets and mesh holdings. Once you have made it personal, you can add those essential car items like flares, fix-o-flat, small tools and even hand sanitizer. I made my fun by embellishing the outside with logos of his favorite exotic car. He may only be able to rent an exotic car in Edmonton on his salary, but with his custom bag his dream is always with him. Outside of Edmonton, there are numerous exotic car rentals across Canada.

DIY Cuff Links – A pair of plain cufflinks, cut glass pieces to cover the tops, and your guy’s favorite images all work together to make a perfect pair of custom cuff links. Just emboss the image over the top and use clear glue to adhere the glass. This is much better than the old initials stand by with cuff links.

An Untraditional Tool Box – If your DIY skills extend to the woodshop, you can make a small toolbox and fill it with a different type of necessities. Maybe make it a Netflix need box, complete with universal remote, microwave popcorn and a pair of fuzzy slippers.


Laptop Cover – A personalized laptop cover made using felt and Velcro is simple to make and makes it more snug for the guy who likes to work from bed.

Sofa Pocket Pillow – Using a regular throw pillow, you can recover it however your guy likes, fashioning a couple of pockets in the meantime. These can be used for the remote or even a can of beer. Just make sure to add the line “for dad only” when sewing on your decorations.

No one knows your guy better than you do, giving you the advantage of being able to dream up the gift they will love. Men are just as corny as we are deep down, and will love the personal touches that make the gift uniquely theirs.


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Make Necklaces And Earn Money Online!

Earning Money While Doing Your Hobby

Ask who you want, and everyone will say to you that it is good for you to have a hobby. It’s even better when your hobby makes others happy and I would dare to say that it is excellent when your hobby can bring you some money. It is everyone’s dream – to do what you love and be able to enjoy it, all the while earning money for it! That is certainly ideal!


Making Stuff To Express Yourself

Often people tend to make things in order to express themselves. They want to express their feelings, their creativity or sometimes they just want to spend a few hours of their day concentrating on this peaceful activity which relaxes their minds and allows them to enjoy. Also, for the majority of people these are the moments when they manage to forget all their daily worries and preoccupations and give in to the art and being creative and creating things.

Seriously, You Should Start Making Necklaces!

Making jewelry you will be able to feel better about yourself and get a chance to be creative and artistic. This nice little hobby of yours might even become a nice source of additional income, or simply a way for you to appreciate your friends. You never forget the faces of people when you first presented them with finished, professional-looking, creative, artistic pieces of jewelry you have made all by yourself. The ‘wow’ effect is well-worth your effort and you will get the attention and the appreciation you deserve. Also, you might even earn some money with the pieces you sell.

Choosing The Beads

The beads that you will use for the production of necklaces will affect the quality and the appearance of the necklaces. You can use various sorts of beads, but over the years I have discovered the best recipe for choosing the best beads for a certain project. Namely, I would advise you to choose the beads which inspire you at the given moment and which will allow you to express your creativity. Also, you can use the beads which align with your personality or the personality of the person you are making the necklace for. Furthermore, it is a good sign if the beads generally appeal to your personal sense of aesthetics, this means they will inspire you to create something great.

Start Making Necklaces

It is pretty easy to start making jewelry. All you have to do is visit a store which sells material for jewelry-making. There you will be able to getmake-necklaces some strings, threads, beads and other items which are used in jewelry making and more specifically in necklaces making. Make sure you engage your creativity in the process, since from this point on it all boils down to your ability to combine the elements you have bought for jewelry making in order to make something truly unique, beautiful and amazing, such as a pretty necklace or a unique and truly precious piece of jewelry.


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